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15 Essential Retouching Actions for Photoshop which I use on a daily basis + 15 video tutorials on how to use them

1. Eye Enhancement
This action brightens and sharpens the eyes, making them stand out.
2. Eyes light to dark
This action chnages eyes color from light to dark brown.
3. Eyes to green
This action creates a natural green color of eyes
Eyes to blue
4. This action creates a natural blue color of eyes
5. Bloodshot red eye fixer
This action whitens the whites of the eye
6. Red lipstick/ Any color lipstick
This action is changing color of the pistick to any color you wish
7. Hair light to dark
This action naturally darkens the hair color
8.Hair dark to light
This action naturally lightens the hair color
9. Teeth Whitening
This action whitens teethFrequn. It ensures a natural look by avoiding overly stark white results.
10. Frequency Separation
The Frequency Separation action is a powerful tool for retouching skin in portraits, providing a professional and natural look by separating the texture from the color and tone of the image. This method allows for precise and independent adjustments to each layer, ensuring that skin details are preserved while imperfections are minimized.
11. Dodge & Burn
The Dodge and Burn action enhances the depth and dimension of an image by selectively lightening (dodging) and darkening (burning) specific areas. This technique is often used in portrait retouching to emphasize facial features, create contouring effects, and add dynamic contrast.
12. Skin redness fix
The Skin Redness Fix action is designed to correct and neutralize redness in the skin, which can result from various factors such as blemishes, rosacea, or lighting conditions. This action helps to achieve a balanced and natural skin tone.
13. Cleaning background/ Bluring/ Smoothing
The Cleaning Background Blurring action helps create a smooth, even & glossy backgound. One of the best actions which I use every day.
14. Remove Dust and Scratches Action
The Remove Dust and Scratches action is designed to clean up images by eliminating small imperfections such as dust & scratches on the background floor.
15. The Background Lightening
The Background Lightening action is designed to brighten and enhance the background of an image, drawing attention to the subject and creating a more balanced composition.

15 Best Actions Bundle for Photographers ( English Version)

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